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“The drive to bring fantasy technology to life.”

Founded in early 2022, Rain emerged from a lifetime of fascination with the interplay of science fiction and reality, inspired by the vivid art and narrative magic of anime, video games, and iconic series like Star Trek and The Outer Limits. My journey began in 90s Los Angeles, where the imagination sparked by these stories melded with my own experiences, fueling my desire to merge the realms of magic, science fiction, and technology.

When life took an unexpected turn and I became a caregiver to my father instead of joining the Marines, I found strength and resilience. These qualities deeply influenced Rain, a company that embodies the spirit of innovation akin to Tony Stark Industries. Rain explores the full spectrum of artificial intelligence—from our flagship holographic assistant to whimsical projects that challenge the ordinary, blurring the lines between magic and practical technology.

Rain is not just about creating smart tools; it’s a playground for the innovative spirit, a lab for mixing the fantastical with the real, and a platform for educating the community about the transformative potential of AI and machine learning.

Join us as we turn the fiction of yesterday into the reality of tomorrow, making the magical practical and the impossible possible—one project at a time.

RAINS Hologram Assistant Project

Automation | Tech | Machine Learning


Rain Hologram is able to work in an O.S. framework in order to achieve these goals. I figured that most people use some sort of operating system to do their daily tasks


RAIN Hologram is unique that she is visual and can be viewed in 3 dimensions using light refraction.

Machine Learning

RAIN Hologram integrates leading neural networks like GPT-3, GPT-J, GPT 3.5, and GPT-4, along with DALL-E, totaling 1.76 trillion parameters. It also uses Microsoft Cognitive Services for enhanced language and emotional understanding, Hugging Face's datasets for diverse model training, and touching into YOLOv4 for advanced real-time object detection

“It just takes one idea to change the world”.


Rains Future

Machine Learning

RAINS integrations with machine learning model APIs to create a unique experience for the consumer and research projects.

Compact Designs

Developing compact designs for deployment across diverse environments, including various RAIN software and physical systems.

Full Life Automation

Using Automation to make RAINs projects compatible with all smart software and devices.

Check out the demo of RAIN's Holographic A.I. Assistant of our first steps.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at – Red Rain AI Contact Page

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