About Us

The idea of RAIN

“Automation of Science Fiction”

We are stepping into the future of Automation and A.I. development.

At Rain, we are pioneering the future of automation and AI development, driven by a passion to turn the imaginative scenarios of science fiction into tangible technologies. Founded in early 2022, Rain has evolved into a multidisciplinary hub for AI innovation, research, and education, much like the expansive operations of Tony Stark Industries.

Our mission is to explore a variety of AI applications across different sectors, including our flagship holographic AI project, “Rain Holographic A.I. Assistant.” This project exemplifies our approach to integrating AI seamlessly into daily life through operating systems, enabling end-users to automate tasks such as opening emails, playing music, and controlling smart home devices. This holographic assistant is just one of the many ways we are making user interactions with technology more intuitive and engaging.

Rain also delves into the development of compact, adaptable designs suitable for diverse environments, from software solutions to physical systems. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including Microsoft Cognitive Services for enhanced cognitive abilities, Hugging Face datasets for robust AI training, and advanced ML vision models like YOLOv4 for precise object detection.

With a brain powered by the most sophisticated neural networks like GPT-3, GPT-J, and DALL-E, Rain possesses about 1.76 trillion parameters, making it not only a leader in AI solutions but also a pioneer in educational initiatives about AI and machine learning.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve, making the magical practical and the impossible possible—one innovative project at a time.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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A.I. revenue by 2025
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Han shot first that agree
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"My goal is to develop things that spark the idea of imagination. I see the need to help the world and be something greater than myself. I may just be one person, but I have big dreams and I hope you do too."

Check out the demo of RAIN's Holographic A.I. Assistant of our first steps.