What We Do

Automation | Tech | Machine Learning

I lead projects from start to finish. RAIN is a challenging build. But my main goal is to have a unit that encompasses what a true A.I. should be built on.

While making RAIN I started from scratch with just an idea. During that time I learned about animation programs, machine learning models, and many other programs. I was building the hardware around the unit with 3d printing and understanding light refraction. To combine all these resources into one to make my first prototype of “RAIN”.

What makes RAIN


Rain is able to work in an O.S. framework in order to achieve these goals. I figured that most people use some sort of operating system to do their daily tasks.


RAIN is unique that she is visual and can be viewed in 3 dimensions using light refraction.

Machine Learning

RAIN has some of the internet's most significant neural network machine learning models like GPT-3, GPT-J, and DALL-E, among others. Rain has about 172 billion parameters.

Just Let It Rain

“The drive to bring fantasy technology to life.”

Check out the demo of RAIN of our first deployment.