"Giving A.I some sort of personality is key to development."

Machine Learning

Significant projects include a further study into machine learning. RAIN uses API's to some of the most powerful machine learning models on the internet. Going forward were working on our own training models for a better end-user experience.

Compact Designs

Our prototype is large compared to other assistants. Going forward were looking into having a compact design to better suit the end user. It's our goal to have a unit that is easy to use and has the ability for the unit to adapt to any environment.

"An assistant should be able to go anywhere."

Full Life Automation

We looking into vectors of integrating RAIN into many other smart technologies to have a full circle of automation for the end user.

"The key to full automation is the ability to work with all technologies in one single unit."

Future Projects

We're looking into other projects to make RAIN even better. We want to thank the community that has been reaching out to us and giving us ideas to better improve RAIN.

"It's what people want that helps RAIN become even better."

Rain Support System Assistant Light weight tool

RainSupport QuickFix” is a streamlined utility tool designed to enhance your computer’s performance. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can easily input their system issues, and the tool will leverage AI to sift through system logs, identifying potential problems. When slowness is a concern, QuickFix offers a one-click solution to run an automated system tune-up script, clearing out the cobwebs and optimizing your system’s operations.

To use QuickFix, follow these steps:

  • Open the “RainSupport QuickFix” application.
  • Enter your GPT API Key in the provided field (if required for the AI diagnostic feature).
  • Describe the issue you’re experiencing in the “Describe your problem” text box.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to let the AI analyze your system logs for any related issues.
  • If your problem description includes terms like “slow” or “sluggish,” the tool will display a ‘Run System Tune-Up’ button.
  • Click the ‘Run System Tune-Up’ button to perform a series of system optimizations automatically.
  • Review the responses and logs provided by the AI in the text output area for any additional steps or insights.

With its ability to provide quick fixes and its AI-powered diagnostic feature, RainSupport QuickFix is the go-to tool for maintaining your PC’s health and performance

"Should the tides turn and ChatGPT starts to slump, don't fret—Llama's still here! Give it a whirl below and let the good times roll!"