How to Become a Vendor for the Forge

Thank you for considering becoming a vendor at the Red Rain AI Forge. Your expertise will help others learn and utilize technology to enhance their skills and achieve their goals!

Here is your step-by-step guide to becoming a vendor!

Let’s Start!

First, visit and click on “My Account.”

Next, you’ll click “I am a Vendor” and fill out the information requested. Then Click “Register”

Next, you will proceed through the setup wizard. You have the option to select “Not Right Now” and can edit any part of the process at any time. Additionally, you will receive a welcome email during your registration

After you complete the setup wizard, you will be directed to your Dashboard. This Dashboard is always accessible by logging in and navigating to “My Account.” It serves as the central hub for managing your products and sales activities. Upon your first visit, you may see an error banner that states, “Your account is not enabled for selling, please contact the admin.” Red Rain AI will be notified automatically once you set up your account and will review it within 24 to 48 hours. Once your store is approved, check your store, and the banner will disappear.

While waiting for your account to get approved you can update your store banner and profile picture.

Note: If you want to upload additional image files, you must hover over the area marked by the red circle. The option “Upload files” will then appear. This measure is in place to prevent spam dumps. The same process applies when you are uploading new product images.

It’s time to add your product. Please ensure that your step-by-step guides are formatted as a PDF and uploaded in a zip folder. Uploading in formats other than these will result in automatic rejection of your product during the review process. Below, you’ll find illustrations detailing what you need to check and which input fields require updates. Please follow the red arrows for guidance.

Once you save your product, it will enter a review status. After it has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a congratulatory email confirming that your product has been approved and is now listed in your store for sale!

Now for WithDraw terms can be accessed on the terms and conditions page.

Your article preview will be added to The Forge with a direct link to your product in the Article.

Once again thank you for becoming a vendor and if you need to reach out to us please feel free to on our Contact page!

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